Rachannis' reflected truth in mediation


running away from the state of trying
because trying is consideration for having not to be
losing the race
but finding a path in and around the city
without a plan

passer by
having a grace that you could never explain
shaped like nectar
outlined by disdain
where the ink dries
is the same place it stains
simply because it can
ever water abysmal and deep
whereas it rears with all sides
but it’s simply critical thinking
more concerned with the direction
not enough about what’s bringing
to be brought with the buy-in
of when you get there
the war within
destructing yourselves
healing how you care
feel that breeze



Where at first I knew not where I could withstand
I anointed the space
Subtly I moved my hands over
a practiced pace
became one that welcome you here
this moment as now
vastly near

flickering voraciously and only in between
the enumeration
you and me


i want to run through temples with you

letting mountains sway my feet

moving at the pace of a cloud

eager to meet

the core

of either or

all you and me



the first time was a surprise

a kinda ok if you had to say

the second time intentional

a bit bigger in a way

the third time

and a fourth

and times to follow all included words

quickly became my most of all

to which I’d reserved

excessive reverie

and stationary appeal

lined with vigor

in all efforts to steal

whatever I’d originally intended

and had sorta planned

left me without reason

for forever wanting this dance





now that you know


will you have the input

the ability

the decorum

to stay

and be my heaven steel



Along the way

to where I know not

along the way

where the cool breeze is marred deep inside the plot

a place in fact

heart strings intact

you have so much care

ready and fully arrived

waiting for me there

along the way



“How about I just walk backwards so you won’t see it!” to which he replied “I can get a glimpse from the mirror right there”. I laughed, all the while walking backwards looking deeply into his eyes. He was smiling at me. Two hours later I was peeking up at the lids that covered those eyes. Remembering all of what just happened. I couldn’t believe it. It’d been years since I actually liked someone and he, for whatever reason, I liked a lot. I’d convinced myself. It didn’t help that he knew exactly when to call and text; how to hug and kiss me. He knew a great deal. Another first, I really didn’t care about how he knew all of it. Just wanted more of it. As often as I could afford it. A connection like this comes with a price. All the more reason to save for rainy days.


I was born aware, wherever that is. Or at least that’s what I think. Whenever I do.

Sometimes I tune it out and act like everyone else. Other times I just wait. However I can.

Waiting is hard. Tricky even.

When I can’t wait to be aware I just do whatever I feel. And I convince myself that it’s a nearly perfect notion. I’ve yet to learn the art of practice. Or should I say I’ve yet to learn how to practice? Practicing being here. Does this count?


I knew it, he just wouldn’t admit it at first. I’d let him naturally tell me like he always did. That’s the only reason why he stayed in touch. I gave him something that no one else could. Fortunate for me, I happened to care for him a great deal so it was easy to let him use me.

The 4 a.m. text messages asking me to do naughty things while his wife lay next to him is what gave it away. Having to tell him no was hard or should I say I’m just not used to it. I don’t even remember how…oh, yes I do. I’d told him that I wasn’t going to be able to see him as previously planned. That led to him prying and we all know what happens when someone pries. The container spills open. That. Was. Me. Told him I was “back out there”, he responded with saying he was gonna tell my mom. I laughed. Then it got serious. He loves his wife but he likes being single too. Made me think about my own place in all of it. I obviously have more thinking to do.

the section

Minding my business, chomping on salad. The phone rang. It was him. His first question “Why’d you answer the phone?”. My response “because it rang”. We both proceeded to make excuses for our last interaction boiling it down to not being able to stay away from each other. I told him about life as of late. He asked mild questions about what I’d shared to all of which I responded. He then told me about life as of late. Some of which he beat himself up over. I offered him perspective. He told me that it was what he needed to hear. Then he told me he loved me and I told him that I loved him right back. The call ended and the text messages started. He was officially a card carrying member now.