Write-Life Part 1

by introspekdt123

So….. they say there is a method to madness. Assumingly, there must be an equally riveting method to happiness then, right? But of course there is. I have regenerated this theory time and time again..only to come up with a interesting mix of thought provoking idealisms. One of those just happens to be starting at point A.Yes sir, starting at the very beginning is my answer.

Originally this post contained a story that told the gruesome tale of how I leaped to the end to begin at the beginning of an assignment. While that may be a successful method for some, I have noted that when handling things with care, most of your life and well being, it is important to pay attention to detail. Those details are instructed for reasons to indemnify you!

There are tons of things I have adopted that help me start with instructions and from the beginning. I decided to share a few of them with you. I am hopeful they work for you as they do me.



Concept/ Reverse Dictionary


Thesaurus (My absolute favorite)


Grammar Book


Even Encyclopedia Brittanica has a fee-based site claiming to offer you a one-click mega-database.


Outside of these resources me reading almost everything I can, all the free time I have and writing about it in whatever form gratifies me. I take great pride in my reading and writing relationship because it is representative of me at every aspect in and of my life.

If you know of some or have some methods of your own, do prey tell. I am always looking to learn.

Stay in-light-ed!