Techno Return

by introspekdt123

There seems to be yet another new trend these days. Well…not new but simply revisited and from what I can tell it appears that we may be in the midst of techo return.

Yup, I said it. Technology could very well be attempting to reach a “cap-out” point and continue moving forward with simple command intelligence instead of its heavily insistent multi-task functions. Why? Well, because  lately I have noted retailers are placing their employees, or anyone they feel would be interested, at busy intersections with life-size advertisements and do little tricks and gimmicks to make drivers and pedestrians halt  their attention. This was previously a job for print like magazines, newspapers and billboards. Eventually those concepts were upgraded to tv and radio with jingle and then video and then social media. Do you see a trend? I do. It is while all of these expressions were created by a person, team or corporate entity the delivery reached the client at what I would call moving intervals. It’s the very place where its hard to capture when that buyer received your message and was interested in purchasing your product or service and since the market has been saturated with such it continuously attracts new buyers.

The latest sign holding employees still offer the “moving interval” to the potential buyer. It’s not known at what time, point in life or situation that person sees and identifies with that marketing but now they remember it because they were driving home from the longest day ever at the office and it reminded them that they should make an appointment for a massage. Crafty..just plain ole crafty.

I am hopeful that retailers and corporations are starting to return technology to its rightful place as a service to society and not the hindrance and replacement it has become. I am hoping they realize that artificial intelligence can never parallel that of the human mind.