Earth Day; My 5 ways..

by introspekdt123

Waste Reduction

Water conservation

Recycle, Reuse, Upcycle. Reduce.

Solar Power



All terminology that should have been the basis of primary language this past Friday despite it also being Good Friday. Nonetheless, Earth Day 2011 seemed to be success. According to there are presently more than 114,000,000 “acts of green”. That number continues to grow almost 2 weeks after the annual day of awareness. But is it because more and more of us are starting to see the value in saving money or has it truly become a way of life for those in several corners of the world forcing the wasting capatalist to concede to a greener life? That was the question I asked myself this morning as I separated my used sugar packets from my paper towels from the Styrofoam cup I used for my morning coffee. I was ready to discard them all in their proper place and I asked myself who else across the globe took the time to do such? I would come to a conclusion of a few. After I would arrive there, I would find myself examining what happen to me when I adopted lifestyle change. It normally would come after I found the means and an avenue to incorporate difference in my life. This blog is about just that; how to adopt and incorporate the differences relative to “going green” that matter most to me and perhaps maybe you.

First off, I decided what really mattered to me. (Makes since right? lol) I came into a point in my life where despite my well lived frugality I decided that I was extremely bored and simultaneously overwhelmed with STUFF. It was around that time that the Universe led me to the sources, information about and documentaries about STUFF. The Story of Stuff was one of them and it landed my suspicions of capitalism being a neverending cycle of destruction for our society. Soon after I committed that I would only buy what I needed and when I needed it. Though it sounds a bit difficult its really easy to do. When we dine out we eat all of our food, stack the plates and trays and take any unused napkins for use in the diaper bag and/or car. When we grocery shop I buy one of each vegetable and plan to consume during the week and what I don’t I blend for smoothies or bake in bread. Just a few examples that I commenced that proves to save time, energy and money.

Secondly, I decided that I would teach and share my principles with my family. I, not only, acted accordingly once I committed to being green and started to write for my middle suns’ school newsletter about the importance of earth preservation. I related some of the articles to that of self-preservation. The very first time my sun saw my name on the newsletter he was shocked. I explained to him that it was my contribution to the his peers and their families and why I did it. I stressed the importance of being a strong example as it takes courage but its always a sure-fire way to build ethics. I had the “talk” with the rest of my family and now we all recognize the importance of preserving. Our communal success is the thread that holds it all together. I know that while change is and should be individual it can ricochet and make a familial difference as well.

Third, I decided that whenever I bought something new I would equally give something away. Recognizing that tons of retailers buy used products or have a recycling center built in I started to take advantage of these notions. Outside of doing it as often as possible I started to do inventory every other month of what was needed versus what wasn’t. Whatever wasn’t I immediately rounded up and donated to a shelter or a trusted organization in the community. I call it two-fold help. It works..

Fourth, I made mental note of what options were around me to help me stay focused to my commitment. When I started to look for opportunities to “go green” I noticed they were everywhere. My city now has compartmentalized bins for recycling and library return receptacles all around the city. When I would go into the city, Houston, I would do the same making my trips more efficient therefore using less gas and spending more time doing the things  I love. I created a routine from this and it served me well. I look for those little helpers all the time now. They work..

Lastly, I saved the space in my life. I have a little of everything everywhere when we need it. This is a result of me doing all of the aforementioned and it has made being a mother of 3 much easier. I pay attention to what ingredients, materials and processes of what i buy and consume. I make sure that it aligns with my beliefs and then I use and dispose of whatever it is responsibly. I invest a little more time in doing so but know that it balances out in the long run. I deflect the notions and ideas that “some don’t care” and pick up the extra slack. I believe that saving the time and space for what is truly important is an investment for more of the same. It just fits…

This is the only body, and body of earth, I will ever have right now. Action must be appropriate.

Sites of reference: (that may help you)

Be sure to check the site of your local township for references on recycling centers, tips and instructions.

Happy Green!