The Coming Together in Truth

by introspekdt123

Soon after my relocation to Houston I began to search for “things to do”. Since I was already in the midst of piecing together an exposition for a pillar organization in the black community I realized that I needed to commit time to a different type of research. That kind of research would be for individuals, organizations and businesses that would share the vision that my business partner and I had for redeveloping our voice in society. An appropriate and resonating one.

On my quest, I learned of a social networking site called For those who aren’t familiar, is a social networking platform that lets the user search for groups of people in their area. The goal is typically shared interest. My query; Black Consciousness. My results; several.  The one that stuck out the most was The Black Professionals of Houston. The name alone gave it a stance and since I was looking for just that it seemed perfect. At further glance, the head organizers’ account of the group seemed compelling so I sent him a formal inquiry that subjected “I’m interesting in assisting” . I soon after received a “great, looking forward” response and that started our union and exchange.

Since that time, December of 2009, I have maintained a very sound and respectful relationship with him and the other organizers. We have relayed what is reasonably expected of us individually and collectively. Though some of our plans have been delayed due to the lack of substantive resources and outside participation we continue to move forward with a vision. The vision to empower each other and build lasting relationships on the principles of socioeconomic redevelopment and expansion.

With my new found principles, relationships and wisdom I can definitely afford to share some. It’s credulous that when entertaining an alliance of any kind that we stop to take the time to do the research. Most overtly behind the scenes and then and only then focus on what truly appears. It’s been the experience of many to jump in wholeheartedly to a project or task to find that they are dissapointed with the outcome.  Often time the results of lack of observation, parallel vision, and fortitude to see the works thru bring us to a place where we lack the drive to try again.  Here are a few questions I ask myself these days:

1. What is it?- Is this project or organization that I can truly make the best use of my skills or gifts with or within? Is it something that I can feel proud of having said I collaborated on in the future?

2. Who is it?-Do the officers, patrons or members have similar beliefs or ability to effect change as I have in my life? Is the party stagnant and not open to growth or redevelopment?

3. Why now?-Do I stand to propel personal achievement from this union? Does the other party? What can be maximized in the coming together at this particular junction?

4. What’s the put up?-Will there be a sacrifice greater than what I can afford? Is the alliance truly balanced and if not how can we find a formula of reciprocity if the plans expound?

5. What else can be built?-Will the partnership itself inspire other partnerships, foundations for partnerships or resources for those who may have been contrarily misplaced?

6. How Good is it?- Are there ethical grounds and do you feel wholesome as a result of cooperating?

Despite “mistakes” in the past I now feel confident in my capacity to make sound decisions relative to my involvement in projects. Sometimes there isn’t a motive just desire and when that is the case outside of the lesson assure yourself that whatever is taken away can be upcycled. It just makes sense.