The Answer

by introspekdt123

I absolutely hate drama. As well, I hate confrontation when it involves some sorts of dramatic up-play. The concept of it all just seems surreal and overwhelming to me but somehow it seems to always wind itself into a crack in my life at the most inopportune time. Now, of course the question to anyone after a statement like that should be “When is the right time for drama?” My answer, never. Well, maybe in a movie or on the tel-u-vision but even in those outlets I still feel empowered to control and I do so all the time.

While I have spent countless hours engulfing metaphysical transcripts, self-help articles and blogs, spiritual contemplation and seminars on how to be the best me I find it intriguing that most all of the sources speak to having to combat “dark forces” or “negative energy” at one point or another. It lead me then, and moreso now, to believe that just like Frankie Beverly and his entourage sung about, life is faithfully both joy and pain.

In my own reflection I think back to the first time I recognized that no matter what I did drama and its eroding cognants were hot on my trial. I remembered doing exactly what the journalist in me would typically do and ask why and then found the higher me trying to answer that question. I assumed then, like I still do, that it was the inevitable.

It wasn’t until the first day of school in August 2009 that I would have another very fluid explanation delivered to me. That explanation: A Calling.

A Calling was the answer I had neglected to entertain. When the professor broke down how most of us are called to a profession by way of the ability to intuitively better ourselves and the lives of others I had a mammoth A-HA! moment. I will always remember that day.That was the day an etching bled on my heart in the name of Social Work.

I’m sure you can tell by the title of my blog that I have chosen to embrace that calling within my life and thru my writing. I vowed to stop taking things so individual and look at the collective message. While I will be the first to admit that the signature of some of these stories could have been a little less embellished I now see that it is simply about a message.  Those are the very scripts that brought me to a point where I could in fact tell a story. A story that speaks  to the content of turbulent passion, pride and the blessing of free love. My story is unprecedented in its own right but not too deep-seated in episode after episode. While I am sure I could thank a long list of examples for teaching me to avoid what appears to be a red flag from entering my court I am equally grateful for the fortitude to be able to learn those life lessons under direction.

All in all, I am honored in knowing that when I ask a question of the Universe I always land right-side up on The Answer. C’est la vie. Once I get there, my job is like butter. Gonna stay on a roll.