by introspekdt123

Tears today. Tears like on other days. They come uninvited but welcome all the same.

Today it was at first view of my youngest sun taking a mid-day nap. I snapped a quick photo because his display said “I iz ty-red ma, holla!” The smirk I had rightfully turned into a deep heartfelt projection of joy for the blessings of the moment,the freedom of my mind, the love that I could see floating about and for my life.

It seemed that almost immediately after I nestled those energies I would be directed to the facebook photographs of a well known artist who reguarly takes her sun to her appearances. I noted the lasting twinkle in her eye that said “I am a wombman, watch my creative splendor and breathe this air”. It was yet another place that I embraced a heartfelt joy; the tears kept coming.

For myself, eye am in awe of  the beauty not only for being a wombman but as well the power of the divine that chose me to mother 3 wonderful suns. It wasn’t always like that. When I found out I was due for motherhood again this time 14 months ago I was close to devastation. My meditation involved me constantly retrying my faith and acting out all scenerios. I had forgotten one very important principle and that was gratitude. That led me to remember another very important principle; humility. I had concluded that gathering a bit of both I would and could begin to see definition and promise again which I did.

Now, I have moments like the aforementioned all the time. I see something or read something or sit and meditate on how beautiful life is when the Creator starts to reveal you to you. I say prayers of thanksgiving for my children/family. I tell them all the time how happy I am (when I’m not asking to take the trash out for the 5th time) and do my best to celebrate our times as best I can. The tears do a good job of expressing all of it. New days and new dawnings.

Pair it with a song..here goes