The friend we made..1st time

by introspekdt123

Today while changing my youngest suns diaper I glanced up at the television. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure was on and I caught the scene where Tinker approaches the Troll bridge. There she finds two trolls who deny her crossing and pretend to be beastly and overwhelming. They begin to exchange insults and soon the taller troll offends the shorter. The mood of the movie changed by words and song and the next thing I would witness was a very sincere apology. As if that wasn’t enough to make me think, the next few lines would dedicate to the shorter troll getting confirmation that the apology was sincere. I had much to consider. Most forward, is the model of friendship today?

Last week I explained to my children the value of according righteous associations in school work or whatever they may be. This came after I had “the talk” with my oldest about not being second fiddle to anyone and maintaining honor and respect for himself. I believe he got my point after the hour long babble but I walked away feeling like I had more to ponder.

How are we taught to “make” friends?

It took me back to recess in pre-school. I could never remember the question “Will you be my friend?” but somehow I always remembered “Will you play with me?” My answer was typically yes. Then throughout the endless days of playing, sharing and a tad bit of fighting somehow or another this person became my friend. Looking back now I see what I missed then but more importantly I see what I failed to tell my oldest about friendship.

I don’t remember the “everyone isn’t a friend” talk growing up. In fact, I didn’t learn what a real friend was until I was well over 30 and I am assuming it was because I had a adult exchange similar to “let’s play”. It meant there was something in common, that’s it and that’s all.

Unfortunately, there are still a great number of us who form friendships this way. We notice we enjoy something in common or someone pays us a hefty compliment that brightened our day and we immediately assume there is a bond there. While I am not one to discourage anything that comes from the bright side I have to be realistic in stating that neither of those things make someone your friend. In fact, just using verbal communication is not enough to deem someone a pal let alone base the entire foundation of the union on.

I think the trolls got it right. They celebrated good times together and when the bad came they fixed it, vowed to never do it again and moved on. That tells the true testament of friendship…how one comes together and really makes it last.