Home; the sour and sweet

by introspekdt123

What could be better than home? In my mind a whole lot of home and the meaning of it all.

I found myself asking and answering that question as I watched local soul sensation David Sha’s video “Carverdale (She’s Alright)” for the first time.

Right before I labeled him as having done “it” again I dually gave my attention to how he took very personal elements of his life, home and his woman, and mashed it up into palatable display for everyone to experience. It’s quite impressive.

In fact, some accorded the opening lyrics, and images respondent, as defamatory and confining not only to his supposed Queen but to women in general. I witnessed David once again peg the lyrics as a metaphor for his experiences in relationships and everyday life in yet another diplomatic but artistic manner. That’s an artist in my book for sure.

As for the song itself, it’s what should and can be expected from a songster like Brotha SuperSha. This is display of unrehearsed raw and raspy yet clairvoyant vocals over a parallel tempo that meets the content graciously. That puts this single for me in a very high place; rightfully at the top.

True fans of David have come to enjoy his splendor, in person or thru the airwaves, and with the release of the Caverdale single and video its albeit obvious that this is only the beginning of what is obviously in store for us all.

Congrats dear brother.

Watch the video here: