The Femi9 survived

by introspekdt123

Last evening I stumbled across an article that highlighted the crevices of feminism. Remind you, I was searching for charitable contributions by the “stars” and still don’t remember what led me there. I am to assume that whatever the force was and is that it was forcing me to deal with what I have been struggling with for some time. That being, what is the feminine and how has it survived?

It was about two weeks ago that I saw a video of Cicely Tyson personifying the infamous piece by Sojourner Truth entitled “Aint I a Woman”. I was completely etched by the rawness of the words and the passion left me in heavy mind trance. I thought to myself “Aint I a Woman?” then I thought “Of course I am” only to return to the notion that outside of love, woman is yet another word that at survey one is almost sure to get a host of different responses.


Having observed some cultural difference, it seems that women from all regions are accorded differently. If we started on the points of history we would note that for years women had very specific places and those roles typically involved what her key contribution to the household could be. If she bored children than we can derive that a majority of her responsibility was to care for those children and the home they needed to be comfortable in. If she worked outside of the home and had children then…well you do the math.

For feminist, they believe that the women should be respected and valued as a human being. They believe that a woman should be regarded as more than just one with roles, responsibilities and inferiority. They believe they matter. They prove this in lobbying for equality and envelope pushing when they feel injustice is present. They rally together and protest unfair treatment and when they do,  they traditionally make the national headlines for their “guts and glory”.

In the last week alone I have watched 6 organizations come to life that themed either for girl power or for the enlightened woman. This isn’t atypical. In fact, after my research I noted that there are more than 900 organizations in this country that share a vision of uplifting women. Of those 900 there seems to be a few parent organizations that support these groups on their policies and procedures that are deemed as councils. This is just my research, I am positive that there are many more that I have no clue about.

Is 900 way too much? Is 100 to many? What about 500, giving at least 9 to each state? How effective are these groups? What mission did they start with and how does that compare to now? What were they hoping for and how did they arrive there? Who are these women and are they wives, mothers, confidants, sisters and friends? Of all these questions I can say this much, they are the same women who feel as if they have to claim their voice. The voice that says “I will not be diminished to my roles, meaningless contributions and titles. I will not be compared, revolted or denied. I will not be lessened by my gender. The voice is right because it is also mine.

I can relate to their purpose there because I, too, find myself combating feelings leaving behind devalued, unequal, misunderstood, unrelated, undesired, broken and oppressed. I constantly reevaluate my position and look further than the surface to see how either I can change or how I can change my situation. Often times, changing the situation means confrontation and as a woman I have dignified self on keeping the lower self low and the higher self high so I avoid situations that I know will mix the two. Furthermore, trying to resolve some “situations” where honor is involved has become demanding and taxing. So what is the answer?

Do we truly need to revisit our socialism woes and address the need for groups and organizations that are demanding what is to be afforded by human right? I say yes and I say yes knowing that the most viable option we may have is to start with one.

Today, I going to continue this entry with some mechanical breakdown entries. Entries that provide some sort of remedy for getting back on the road to the freedom of all humanity. Join me..