Non-Stop. Real-talk.

by introspekdt123

It was a blistery fall day when I met a man that would become a good friend named Dwayne in person.

We had previously spoken on the telephone about an affinity marketing program that I knew his company could benefit from.  Somehow the conversation moved to a different relativity and that was premise for setting up a face to face meeting.

When we did, we learned that we had quite a bit in common. By the end of the meeting Dwayne and I vowed to assist each other in our professional endeavours as we were certain of our future successes. Knowing one of my dreams was to be a singer, before our departure, Dwayne reached in his coat and gave me a cd of his neice. Her name; L’Renee.

It was several days later before I remembered that I had not yet played the disc. I popped it in and was quickly tied to track 5; “B-151”.

The rest of the cd caught me in different spaces so I confirmed that L’Renee would be a favorite from then forward.

That was 2006 and now in 2011 she is gearing up for her 4th release. She has been congratulated for sharing the spotlight with the likes of  Grammy Nominee Kem, Fantasia, Ledisi, Joe, Detroit Native Dwele and Angie Stone.

As if that success wasn’t big enough she recently launched a non-profit organisation entitled L’Renee GirlPOWer. It reaches out to young ladies in a mentoring capacity and from what I can gauge it is incredibly popular already.

Having received her recent invitation to name the price for an upcoming concert I was floored. I thought to myself “this songstress really knows how to live a dream”. I salute Lori and wish her the best of blessings in all of her future works. This star is brightly shinging and her shine is Non-Stop. Real-Talk!

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