ooohh baby, baby, baby, baby

by introspekdt123

I always strive to be an economically sound mommie. With my 3rd sun I am, believe it or not, much smarter. I have adopted methods and strategies that help me live greener, cheaper and altogether easier. Here are my takes.

When I first discovered I was ecstatic. Their motto was “We deliver everything but the baby” and I thought it was borderline genius. The concept of letting a mom be a mom and have everything you need come right to your door is invaluable. We started off our journey at the Naty’s Nature Babycare line. Man o man, how I LOVE these nappies. Sustainability is their key and their clothlike and not bulky feel get the a+++ from me! My travels would then take me back to the internet marketplace giant though, When I discovered that Amazon had Amazon Mom I was blown away. Talk about convenience, they call it “Subscribe and Save” which is a recycled  scheme that so works for us. Check them out and see how much you can save.

Speaking of Naty’s Natural Babycare I encourage all moms to check out their ambassador program. Become one and spread the word about the award-winning diaper and get free diapers! Last I checked the national brand rivals didn’t have a program that compared. I say if its good for baby and the environment then its worth a shot. Become an ambassador here

Avalon Baby Organics is another fav and a 33% discount from is what keeps me coming back for this listed love. That and the fact that all of the vitamins,essential oils, glycerin soaps, skin care and other applicable hygiene products are supposed on this site make this a universal site for me. Add them to the list as well.

Once you do that, stop by and check Babyganics. Their eco-friendly kids line is superb. I was gifted a trial set and have been hooked since. Occasionally Amazon mom has specials or even direct from their site but I patronize H.E.B for my bottles. I promise the cleansers will not disappoint.

Finally, take a look-see at one of the sister company to which is They sell pretty much everything there as well and as usual you can look forward to a great introductory order discount and possible referral bonus as does They also have a cosmetics site and a new pet site. Across all of their sites they offer you the added advantage of bulk shopping and a savings on shipping.

Always looking for ways to write more, live better and help others. If someone you know loves to do the same and can add to this post with suggestion, please feel free…

Happy Mommying or shopping, whichever you want to call it. :p