fare-well and wel-fare

by introspekdt123

I’m only 34. Well 34 and a half. 35 will greet me later in the year and while I can see it being a pivotal changing period for me I am also reflecting on the more recent years but more so hours and minutes.

I know it may sound heavy but the fact that our time is no longer time is scary. Time was once sought after with being able to define and relate it to a place or space ones life turned for. Today, it’s just something else we are reminded of to either start or end a day. All these days seem the same. Literally.

Some of these thoughts met me while I scanned thru the “Farewell Announcement” from Borders earlier today. I couldn’t help but stack the message high on the chart with other tragedies I have seen in my life time like war, revolution and the death of certain icons. To me, the closing of thousands of book stores is daunting and it’s not something I have ever wanted to witness much like the other catastrophes aforementioned.

As I reflect on what space or place I visited when I heard other bad news I think about where it will leave me today. My inner self tells me that I shouldn’t spend much “time” here and that the book industry will survive this obsessive trend with technology. I remind myself that just as everything else, everything changes. I convince myself that this too shall pass. Literally.

What I do believe we all have to ponder is how we have or are playing the role in the grand scheme of things. As bad as I have wanted an e-reader since I first discovered SONY was on to it, I have deflected the thought. Not just because it’s another gadget that I will buy and find time not to use and eventually forget about it but more importantly because I know it could never ever replace a book for me. Not now, not ever. What does everyone else say? Do they say farewell with a teary eye as well or do they clutch their e-reader with the notion that the social welfare is inclining? I’m not sure about either and don’t know if I ever will be and for whatever reason I am ok with that.

The reality is years ago I thought change came about slow and steady but the more news is dropped on me like this I realize that change is in fact expedient and erratic. We should learn from these occurrences that farewell and welfare are really one in the same. Choose wisely.