segway 2 the sun(s)

by introspekdt123

At the reach of some very disturbing news I decided that the time was past for me to send a deep-seated love letter to my suns. I am finally inspired to finish the ones I started for each of them when they were born. So much to say but so little to record. These are a few of the things I find it challenging to incorporate but refuse to harp on for “fear” that they may miss the wisdom…

1. Be you! You won’t fit “in” so don’t and should you ever feel yourself trying, STOP.

2. Learning from others is valuable but teaching yourself is priceless.

3. Don’t let anyone lie to you including me! If you should find that someone knowingly lied to you pray for them, forgive them and use it as a lesson that your truth and absolute truth is still within your grasp.

4. Believe in yourself and then get it done! Faith without works is dead. Persistence and the right vibration tend to be the keys that can unlock many a door.

5. Ask tons of questions! Its the only way you will ever get answers which leads me to my next point.

6. Always ask yourself “why is this person telling me this or not telling me that” and “is there a motive that doesn’t involve me”? Those two questions may answer tons of relationships, heartbreaks and failed opportunities…

7. Always judge people on character. Never assume something is what it isn’t until proven to you otherwise.

8. Take time for you and be creative. Learn to enjoy yourself with yourself and without the interference of games, computers, cell phones or other people. You WILL discover that you really like being you.

9. Stand for something especially what is right. People who don’t usually end up getting left behind, on purpose.

10. Know that less is more. Don’t clutter your MIND with the thought that if you have more stuff you will be a better person. Truth is its just stuff who more often than none was made by someone much younger than you in unethical and overworked conditions. Which leads me to…

11. Don’t profit from the loss of another. Being virtuous is free.

12. Make sure your investments will yield you a return even if at first it seems to be withdrawal.

13. Figuring out comes from within. Whenever something doesn’t make sense sit with you and meditate, the answers are most likely already present.

14. Leadership isn’t learned its inherited. Now LEAD.

15. Power was and continues to be deeply embedded in your DNA. Remember I said YOUR.

16. Most everything requires exercise. Remember its the only way to strengthen which leads me to my next point…

17. Read, write and pray everyday. These are exercises..

18. Know that until you fully embrace yourself even at awkward growth stages in life no one else will.

19. I am here even when I am not. I am your mother-all-ways. Real simple. Which leads me to…

20. I am your mother but I am not perfect. I afford you the best of me only after I have received it. There is no perfect parenting. In fact, that is a paradox for almost everything..

21. There are things I shelter your from that you view as punishment, you will find later that it really wasn’t as corporal as you thought.

22. Question everything. I know I said it before but I am saying it again for a reason.

23. You will repeat a lesson if you didn’t learn what you could have, should have and needed to. Remember to take humility with you when you do.

24. You may get to a point in life where you think you have seen it all in that split second something will amaze you..

25. Justice, Freedom, Equality, Righteousness, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Determination, Propriety, TRUTH, Love, Life, Placement, Accordance, Measure and many many others all have one commonality. YOU

26. Be Beauty-full as you are. Ugly needs no aid.

All in all remember this, in the process of conception there were billions of other siblings racing to the finish line. YOU MADE IT FOR A REASON. You triumphed then and can repeat a life of such!

Mommy adores you without regard for eternity.