mattering in 2011

by introspekdt123

Some things make my head spin. Other things make my head spin and then think. Today I am at a place where both of these are struggling to set up shop. The topic, race.

Race, of all things, in 2011 is still very much relevant today. The present socio-economic down spiral has, in the past just as it is presently, left many blacks displaced and searching for anything that could make sense. The reality that we have come this far to what exactly has no real answer. All this arose from my usual morning Facebook stroll. I rise, feed baby and then log on to catch my morning inspiration from the few enlightened cyber friends and groups I have subscribed to. This morning was going good until the day before greeted me in memory and the post on the page of Black Knowledge read “Woman Faces Three Years for Jaywalking after watching her son die”. A twitching of the eye, a crook in my neck and then the head spin. How could such a thing happen?

I guess it would help to look to the past for answers. I am told that somehow that makes quite a difference. But even if we do shine the light on the truth what remains viable is applying past experience to present circumstances but therein is the problem. Truth is, the circumstances over 400 years ago were vastly different. Resources, technology, lifestyle and education were all vastly different. Communities were vastly different. That led us into a time where segregation was riveled, revolution was an exercised option and people had hope. Now fast forward to today where every one lives according to their personal worth and wealth, resources are scarce and education has failed us. Technology is progressive but only at a rate that leaves us behind our counter countries to whom we are indebted to. This is a very opposing picture and the artist was crafty to say the least.

I suppose because things have changed, people have changed and life is very unique that a more sensible approach to finding solutions would be an option. What say you?

I’ll answer that for you; sensible solutions are birthed by sensible people and if you missed my earlier thoughts we just ain’t sensible no more! Good news is we still have time, right now, to learn and become sensibility.

So what can be done? What we are doing right now? Talk about it. Write it down. Vow to help. I picked up the infamous “How to Build a Community” postcard while I visited home last month. I took the time this morning to snapshot it and upload it for those of my brothren and sistren who could use some encouragement. In the meantime, I may have to resort to Good Morning Tweeties for now to get my inspiration because the Facebook stroll has become someone elses book of faces…

Peace and Light Yall!