by introspekdt123

on the days that just seem far too surreal for me to deal with i try to sit still and ask myself if i contributed the way i was designed..the answer isn’t always comforting in fact sometimes the answer isn’t an answer at all; it’s reality instead.
on those days i am incredibly grateful for what happens with pen and paper
amazingly i am in all-ways better once i write.
more often than none i am totally different once i write
even if its a damn grocery list, i am better
these words, they must escape me somehow
my want is for them to escape me and go where they belong
to reach wherever they should be
to just leave me  to return to me
those days are similarly the days that i realize that it is the voice of my power trying to gain momentum in reason, the GOD in me that has something much more important to say than me
i really do love all of my days
i really do treasure this life
i dont have to say it out loud
just let me write….