paypal aka mepal

by introspekdt123

I avoided Twitter for years. I can likewise remember a time when I said the same about Facebook. Now I am a utterly confined to both and somehow keep getting stuck on the  defense  that they “work for me”. But how exactly is it working for me and how is it working for everyone else?

One of the major reasons I deterred social networking is because I thought I would rather watch from afar how this immeasurable monster of technology could be and still is a blessing, a curse and some sort of tool for those who wish to expand their marketing technique. I figured if I could gauge success from a far than I could do the same, if not better, up close and personal. Needless to say, I am on both Facebook and Twitter now and I happen to et ehm…love them both.

What I have noticed though is that very few people are using either tool to connect to and embrace their target market. I have noted tons of people wanting you to like their page or follow them for the sake of selling them something. I am not a fan of transactional salespeople most especially when it comes to art and writing is clearly an art, one that leads all other arts, in my mind. I happen to believe that art should only be bartered to and with the heart, point blank and period.

I can imagine this is why the self-publishing companies have capitalized on including a “marketing service” with their packages. There is the age old need for money to be made and then spent. It’s the core of most all economic rule and has been the stage for what we know now as capitalism and its vulgarian display.

My point, if there is art to be sold it should be done ethically. It is the one medium thing that gives most of us a sanity, a peace and a reason to rise each day so shouldn’t it be treated as such? Shouldn’t we all treat it as art, a by-product of creation as result of gifts bestowed to us by the Creator,  as such and not just a reason to add more to the more we ever so desire? I say yes and because I do I am vowing to stick to my word. Social networking is for me to build relationships so that I can sell to an audience of otherwise hard to reach individuals. As well, I can connect and grow appreciative of their works. It is promising of a circle that appreciates the gifts of art, its power and the energy it carries. Cheers to others that will follow my lead.. Now go and create some art!