if i do the supply’n then what exactly..

by introspekdt123

Call me a conspiracy theorist and I will graciously accept the subtitle. I dedicated 2 of the 25 “words of wisdom” lines to the two simplest words I know; question everything for a reason. I question everything.

Besides the question there sometimes is an open-ended answer. Today we speak of that answer and it is codenamed Documentary.

About 2 months ago a friend suggested I watch the Documentary “The Cartel” so I did. I was outraged. Having been born, raised and grown of Detroit for more than 30 years I was alto familiar with the demise of the school system and the displacement of children as a result. Honestly, I am alto familiar with having poor choices in schools combined with no regard for minority growth and development in the community to cherry  the demise. It’s a horrible combination, at least to me and I have the proof of the puddinger as my receipt as I strolled out of Target.

That receipt was for school supplies which are conveniently packaged and distributed on behalf of the schools for students and range in cost anywhere from $30.00-$75.00 (here locally). Tally a few students that attend school at the same time and a family could be out of as much as $300-$500 annually. Why such a big deal? I will tell you why, greed. Greed has exclusively been majority ruler in the demise of the country’s school system (and many other systems but you didn’t ask me) and outside of parents already being grossly taxed for the mismanagement of funding and poor allocation now they are subjected to “fees” to supply our children.

Another mouthful is home schooling. Options.