did HE say “mind control”? what is that on his face?????

by introspekdt123

I remember why I stopped watching television almost 6 years ago to date. It was because I saw an interview with Marilyn Manson who talked about the grave and gross misrepresentation that television see-saws on the human mind. He talked about control, interception, ambiguity and other horrid derivatives of fear or evil, whichever you call it and how it is the most lucrative but divisive invention almost of all times.  The key was that he talked about it, Marilyn Manson, and it was all so very true.

Today I have gone back to watching some of the tel-u-vision. While I am very selective with what I watch I still notice the incredible ill fated pop dazed trend and of course you guessed it; it’s worsened. It’s really no wonder the world has moved towards an engulfing entropy. In fact, it makes perfect sense. What baffles me is the amount of those who know against those who have no clue! Shouldn’t the ones who are smart and walk with “They Live” glasses on be ruling the world by now? I guesstimate at least 40% of our human society has sense of the truth and would be ready to fight the long and might fight to save the rest of the world but is that what we need?

I happen to agree with a good friend that everyone has purpose and for some it is their lifelong deed to be evil. For without them, good has no place. If you can imagine how long it took me to adopt the thought as my own you would know that in that inkling of a second I was able to calculate all the worlds recovery if more of us to would push toward the shift. Push toward doing something much bigger than ourselves to aid the promiscuity of our ruptured world. The dilema is that 40% is probably more like .87% and the other 99.13% of the world is operating under agenda and compromise….sad.

Whether I pulled those statistics out of my ass or really summed it up that way its higher time than normal that we control our audio/visual inlets. The iWorld has taken over and if we truly treasure our analog in a digital world the sacrifice may start at convenience. This is such a daily struggle..nonetheless Marilyn Manson was right and the tv shall in fact more spend nights swooning itself to sleep than me and the family. Our minds deserve to control themselves