huge small talk

by introspekdt123

In the past three days I have either reconnected with dear old friends or co-workers. It’s been genuine to say the least. While I always find myself looking forward to good energy I have noticed a common thread; questions of success or the relative possibility of such.

This morning I decided to do a tad bit of grocery shopping early. Yesterday’s midday heat put me and baby out of commission for almost the rest of the day so I figured I would be advantaged early. I was right. The lines were short and the store was incredibly quiet. A win for me.

As I stood in line to return an item I heard the familiar voice of a co-worker and turned towards it. I called to the person and she pointed at her earpiece not recognizing me at first glance. I could see her, then, adding up the time and place and then telling her caller that she would speak with them later because she “was in line behind a girl she used to work with back in Michigan”. She walked up and we started talking about how long we had both been in Texas and how we got here. Suddenly, she asked “are you working?” and because I knew indubitably knew she was referring to for corporate america in some fashion I immediately retorted a very brisk “No, and I love it”. We exchanged telephone numbers and she promised to call but right before she got in her car she asked “are you married?” and I said “No, but I wish” and she immediately retorted “no you don’t” with a matching frown.

I let the whole ordeal steal my attention as I drove home. Somehow I arrived at the conversation I had with a childhood friend yesterday that stacked almost the same. After she caught me up on her move back home she speed into the “I see you had another baby” conversation and then flew by “So are you re-married?” leaving me in very brief answer mode.

Don’t get me wrong I am a woman who knows that many women equate marriage or not and career as “symbols” of success but it just happens to be absurd to me. Those are roles and not personal success in my opinion but who really asked me huh? I asked me and my answer is “It’s so good to be me”.