Muzzle Abuse

by introspekdt123

A recent conversation reminded me why the purpose of my blog is grounded at remaining light-hearted and being encouraging. The same conversation yelled that perhaps “real life” is light-hearted and encouraging as well. Now I am trying to add my sensibility to it.

Back to why I decided this blog would be fluffy. I read alot and while it isn’t as much as I would like to lately I still do it and find it incredible that I love it like I do. With all I read I notice that everyone is entitled to not only their opinion but also their story and that only a hand full of us are comfortable enough to not get a ruffled bag of chips over commentary. There are the “issues” like sexuality, religion, politics, socioeconomics, race, marriage, child rearing, and the advancement of academia that masquerades as big business in America that seem to extort the most crumbs. I am officially on vacuum duty.

I know it is because I, singularly, have ALL the solutions to solving the worlds problems. Live and Let Live. Real simple huh? Yea…I know…but it’s not for those who complicate a shoe-tie, for whatever reason an aglet still has a scientific rationale. That brings me back to my original point. Light-hearted, funny and encouraging IS sensible. They are the key ingredients to living and allowing life and anyone who has lived long enough knows that life is simply about love. Not the corny, boo boo, lets get married and live forever type but the deep, earnest, peaceful and pacifying kind; the real thing.

For now I think I will abuse my muzzle more and more….or at least until I find a reason to do something else with my time besides live life for others…..NOT. Muzzle it is!