made days

by introspekdt123

so in that inkling i have decided that its high time I wrote about the wonderful things that happen to me daily that remind me that I am in fact still alive, well and being afforded a wonderful adventure.

Today, that came in the form of a text message.

From who you ask? His name is Anthony.

Anthony plays the acoustic guitar. The first time I saw him play I think I had an inner body experience. Needless to say we exchanged information and agreed to keep in touch. He didn’t but I did.

That was more than a year ago but every now and then I will text him. A few days ago I texted him and told him that we, my piano playing good sister and I,  are gearing up to begin rehearsals again and that I know he said he hadn’t played in a while that if he would reconsider for this project I would be delighted.

His response today was “let’s work something out…”

Can you say utterly delirious? You just did! I was speechless and the reply he got from me was “Anthony, you just made my day…thank you” I thought that was more than worthy of the beginning of my made days series. What say you?