by introspekdt123

Let’s start this post with something other than “I” because in actuality it’s really never about me. It’s typically about the “things” or people eye may encounter that force me to reconsider me and if I am in the right place, amidst the proper spirit, being the proper to be.

Now, the beginning again shall be “What do you think of get rich real quick” schemes? Are they safe to call schemes?

Well, I (o damn! I did it anyways and then did it again-let’s stay focused chick!) have never been a fan. Say it is because experience and hard work have taught me better or say it’s because in almost everything I have done in my life I have opted for passion. That passion has landed my feet square down and concreted time and time again and for those around me that I have witnessed their too passion ride and it seems that they also are in the same places.For whatever reason though there are still a few who believe that getting rich-quik works and for them I have had to convince myself that just as the song teaches us “People make the world go round” that it’s the truth; both literally and figuratively.

I call them schemes because if one removed themselves from the equation where would the bulk of the proceeds be derived? Who would, all by themselves, make the company look and feel much bigger than they already are without the trusty handy dandy associate who is willing and able to do great things for the company like climb the corporate ladder bursting their trousers all the way?

You guessed it. This post is back to being about me. MLM, mail order, made for TV, consumer ads in the back of magazines, some billboards, and most all internet pop-ups are get rich quikers. Whether they are illegitimate or not they are making money at the expense of guess who?????

While America does a very slow crawl to financial independence its good to know that getting rich quick is still a very viable option here…you should know me by now. I had to say it…