by introspekdt123




all of the aforementioned words begin with co with a meaning; more than one. So that makes my immediate question “if the words are defined by congregating (see how that works) then why are most of us so far away from the party”?

Insight. Some of us were shushed far too much when we were young or are continued to be shushed as adults. That can lead us to an enormous repression and reverting when it is in fact time for us to express ourselves. To boot, some of us didn’t have creative outlets or artistic displays to identify with or makeshift under so the encouragement to do anything otherwise was never brought up. If one adds shut up plus isolation they get a ball full of awkwardness.

So how do we fix the problem? I think most all know my answer. Write, Read, Exercise. Yup, you heard me right. 3 simple things that can change the stifled into the stickler. Let us do detail.

1. Write- When I say write I mean write about you, the things you love to do or would like to do. There is a lesson that I developed for children in an organization I partnered with back home. One component was an activity and it’s “title” was Journaling:The Beginning. It was designed to teach children how to care for their day with words. With that they had a responsibility¬† to recap the day by writing down at least 10 words. The words could over-range any parts of speech and should clearly describe their feelings, thoughts and wishes. It went over really well. It is the same way I taught my middle son to write using his Children’s Dictionary. Now, I find myself suggesting such to adults, especially those dealing with crisis.

2. Read-Even if it is one paragraph a week in a magazine, blog or recipe for that matter, its way more than nothing. Just as other philosophers and psychologist have recommended when we program our brain with small eventually it programs us with bigger. This is how we get to habit. Not only is this how we get there but this is how to identify what is truly best for us. Start small and with something you love. Make time for it and watch what happens.

3. Exercise-Yup move around. Make a date with yourself to just go, do and be. When I am out running errands I take the time in the grocery line to observe everything. Heck, it’s probably become a problem because I am incredibly observant. This helps my writing a great deal and it is my exercise. If you know me like I do (you don’t ha!) then you would know it has made me so much stronger than I used to be. So use the time to observe, challenge yourself to think differently and experience life. Communication is truly all around us. Observing life outside of you could very well observe the life within you.

So there you have it. Oddly enough, commitment starts with 2 but ends with one. You do the math…

Happy Living!