organ-eye(z)d state

by introspekdt123

one said the storm was quiet but i showed different.

wondering how they dare to miss the rustling, barbaric, aggravation of the ripened discourse. nature-ally foretold anger is brewed and served with a side of spatted delinquency. the flow is enthusiastic and infected by pollution. Polluted.

the becoming of a place that has yet to become. butt still growing towards press. this is what has been made to do. even inside the incubator, operate the table of disastrous.

unformed to follow and a pitting lead. There is no inside. The nucleus absent. Even in its disappear lays remnant of what was left strained and right-ly dis-barged. the leaking has moved to the residence of an unsightly discharge.

another said the storm was quiet but i showed different.

i tried my best to explain but the words, without my consent, escaped.