by introspekdt123


this, this place and time thing, its hard to breathe here

the stake is the tank and the lever brought on by fever

this is warm

plummeting over top side of the dreams i’ve had before, clairvoyance just got closer

riveting down underneath where only sensations of vibrations exist, commonality just got further

wanna store it in the mason jar but feeling as if i may need new tools, new tools for the newly set rules-breakthru

painted with red, more like magenta and rose with shades of heartbeat burgundy…its-this is warm in blue hues

embellished aside where no pardon is needed

trekked and determined the passion is far exceeded


this place and time thing is no measure of accord

instead the open invitation for us to foster and adopt more

so you say promotion you received and you want of another

well congratulations to you, your advancement is surely unlike any other.