by introspekdt123

we live in a society of reminding. minding and then reminding is all it seems we ever do.

absorbing, depleting, admonishing, soliciting. defaming. scrutinizing. plagiarizing. popularizing. believing. increasing. forewarning. fornicating. emasculating. all of it is formed in the mind and then duplicated with reminding.

heavy it has become. discouraging yet sensational, it is formed. alive. well. upset in all ways but still.

someone needs be reminded that they should be grateful-someone needs be reminded that they shouldn’t be so angry/sad/depressed-someone needs be reminded that they have worked for a company for years and are unappreciated-someone needs be reminded divorce is not the end of the world-someone needs be reminded that life is to live-someone needs be reminded that starvation in all of its cruel and sick ways is evil-someone needs be reminded that children are miracles-someone needs be reminded that balance is fleeting-someone needs be reminded that someone needs.

i’ve yet to attempt to consider why we live this way. without much thought i don’t have anything close to an answer..not even a mere suggestion. i’ve come to a place in my quest where all that i was observant of before is seeping out of my window. it’s leaving on its on will and i am not sure if i will ever see it again. i am not sure if i want to.

time is a mechanism. treat it wisely and it will also treat you. reminders…should the apparatus be fitting then no reminder is reQUIRed.