masked identity

by introspekdt123

two days ago my other half surprised me with 250 business cards. the backside of the card was designed by me and the front side displayed a logo he designed on my behalf. the cards are stunning.they truly compliment my “writer”.

when i thought about my blog i thought the opposite. does it tell the story to potential clients of how i love to write and what i love to write? does it really give my ideal sponsor a glimpse into my infinite possibility? my answer was no and whenever i come up with that answer i always seem to try my best to reconfigure. this time it didn’t work and i am glad it didn’t. it will force me to own that i have serious work to do in simple terms: rebranding.

this is the issue. i am a developer. people begin telling me their dreams and i begin to sketch what they can’t see. people share their books with me and i begin, without permission, to edit them brining them closer to their capacity. people share their music with me and i incorporate a hidden tone, verse or 4 part harmony. people ask for me advice and i give them what i have done, what they have done in turn liberating a dynamic sense of opportunity on what can become. it’s and all of its glory has become what i do and while i love it i need a reminder in the power of demonstration. so here to..

there are a few articles i have yet to blog about. for the longest i told myself that the content was touchy and may be considered offensive. i am now reminded that if i am not honest with my partners then there is no relation. if there is no relation then there is no ship…nothing to carry us to where we both equally need to be.

with that being told, i am going to start a new wave of instruction and how to entries. these entries come from not only my personal experience but “business conversation” that I have nestled deeply and couldn’t forget if i focused on it. the first will be entitled program and process. by all means, stay tuned.