by introspekdt123

these tear stains turned ashes then some sort burned

these walls built not of plaster but of circumstance

position and force lands me this place


im forced to say things to you that ive found problematic to leave behind

your wait has become my malignancy


to see us as anything other than its acquaint

the readying of me has forwarded all calls to faint

presence. essence. variance

unable to defy

time spent unjustly denying

what has occurred goes into a pot

and its withholding reminds us forgot-10

of what we have but have wasted in away

i wish these tears could go to the same place

and water a seed that desperately need grow

the crops we have been harvesting need till and sow

our sun. our sun. our sun. our sun….he…

he and his magnitude are beyond words inept

sacrifice, blood, afterbirth, flesh, soul of everything

can in all-ways be a moot point

in this leaving yesterday and then tomorrowings

then what brings such an indifferent bliss

i miss you then.