outside looking down

by introspekdt123

a good friend posted on his blog the other day “the ground won’t change so keep your head up”. it was paraphrased but the message is the same. It was shrewd.

I again considered that some of us have a rationality that if we cannot see and identify with whatever causes us difference then it musn’t exist. to the folk who are repeat offenders i say, to myself of course, that they are on the outside and looking down.

why? you ask. well take my old association for instance. Order of the Eastern Star. I was active in that organization for about a year and a half. During my short stay I loved it. I met new people, did new things and traveled quite a bit. I was community service chair and was also in charge of record keeping. I felt accomplished and confident that I had made a sound decision to be a part of. When my feelings started to change about the group I resigned.

To this day, I only speak about my experiences in depth to those who are still active in the group but struggling thru the same conflicts. I don’t know that I have ever talked “bad” about the group and their purpose and I highly doubt I ever will so I am intrigued by those who have never joined but speak of such in their connotation. its goes something like “well that group is racist or illuminati oriented or ungodly” when remember none of them have ever seen the likes of a membership card. it’s quite sad..actually it’s very sad.

This example like anything else reminds me that in order to have an informed opinion one must first be informed! real simple. How can we desire to be enlightened on anything yet closet our thoughts and deflect the truth every chance we get? i am thinking its a testament of us not really wanting neutrality at all..what do YOU say? Whatever you say please don’t form it from an opinion from the outside looking down.