talking the talk

by introspekdt123

I have to stop myself from looking at what people buy in the markets. It’s honestly become a very bad habit. I guess I consider what type of lives they live solely off selection of goods…most of the time I tell myself I can actually get somewhere with that thinking…don’t know that I have.

Today, though, I noticed the goods of a man who stood beside me in line. Everything was fruit except a variety pack of potato chips. I was impressed.

As I exited the club and he trailed alongside me, he asked “Are you ready to retire in 24 months?” and I humbly replied “I sure am”. That was the beginning of our networking.

He went on to tell me that he had been gainfully employed by a major logistics firm for more than 20 years and had a degree in Political Science. When I asked about the difference he indicated he was unsure…it led us to talking about what he would like to do and what I do.

What meetings have always taught me is talking is just that. It is a tool and when used to perform duty, it either can transform or destroy. Most people never consider the power of “talk” whether it be candid truth, a pain-staking lie or anything in between; it never really crosses their mind. Today, I felt it stayed with both us. It was powerful to meet but it become resourceful to talk…the real talk that is. I am looking forward to meeting more like Mr. 51PoliticalScience and I am hopeful he is looking to meet more like Ms.writermomwholovesthekids, i love to talk the talk.