by introspekdt123

is it so inconceivable…that if all who has sorts gives some to all who has not that all would balance?

there are days that my mind can’t conceive anything else…but on those eves i spend my time being the spin-top..stopping only where i see mine ability…howling to be free…the wolf inside the sheep…


to loan my thoughts to another thought..another conception…another introspek-shun/ned away from being really who i am…far too long..wider than gallow..tomorrow i will think of another..tomorrow i will forgive my mother…i said that yesterday…making time to pray where i am constantly at lay prostrate/that tube is a sacrifice unto the gods..glory glory under the head nod…i am evaporating…faint…vague..awaying from this place…beckon known not/ too early to get fault-

ed and wed with another

these damn thoughts of stagger needs to find a way to take its cloke and its dagger!

i aint superwombman