by introspekdt123

a few years ago i rewrote my resume. i was looking to add a certain appeal to it that would genuinely express who i was AND was i was capable of. in my mind it made perfect sense and it could be the “niche” that any level-headed human resources generalist would be searching for. i was wrong.

at any rate, in the process of my revisions I remember configuring words to help tell my story. one of the words i took out was “job” and one I added in its place was “post”.

Post is defined by several sources as “a position of duty, employment, or trust to which one is assigned or appointed”*. On that same note in a different “post” the word is further defined as “a strong piece of timber, metal, or the like, set upright as a support, a point of attachment, a place for displaying notices, etc.”*. Both having a very different grammatical syntax, each of them corresponds to the other in meaning…something that is held or does the job of holding.

While I have written for years I find it very interesting that some of the very words i use on my grounds end up playing the same colorful game with me as the pawn.

I need to be more careful with my expectations of expressions. A post is more than something to hold, it something to behold first. It is something to be recognized and considered so that we can move forward into a structure (on in this case THE structure of circumstances). Having observed the flexibility of word usage…i think it’s now time to”post” a life story.

Introducing “Blur: The Memoir of Forgotten Memories”