last i checked sharing was caring

by introspekdt123

perhaps i should be blogging about my progression in the publishing world.

its been a fine journey and to say i am pleased is an understatement.

yesterday i met with a binder. the day before i spoke with a woman who is launching her own self-publishing company. the day before that i got confirmation that my column for children’s literature would in fact be published by a local magazine with potential unrealized. things are definitely going a way…that i am very happy about..and let’s not banter about a week ago. its been a delight.

to boot, i am finding more and more fellow bloggers who have taken the time to map out the process for e-booking and other marketing strategy. THIS has to be the single-handed reason why those who believe in being a success are a success….sharing.

i have a majority of the information i need backed by the integrity i need to get it done..again i am pleased.

the lesson..well…we should know. share, care, reap, do and be. LIVE!

thanks for listening.