by introspekdt123

One of the most ingenious emotions I know of is regret. I mean, honestly, does “gret” again have a meaning? If so, who made that shit up?

I often wonder about the severity of regret and how it tends to affect most of us in daily living.

Let’s FIRST take a look see; pins regret: to feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment,etc.)

If that is the case then some of us are carrying old regrets with new regrets all the time.

You made the decision to go out for lunch on top of having to pay for parking so now you are regretful.

In my mind, which is why I categorized regret as crafty, regret tends more to be a cycle than an isolated event. If you revisit the definition you will see the word (an) prefacing the example but disappointment in itself can be of a plural nature…hence, cycle.

What can be done about the cycle?

Well that my dear friends I have yet to find the answer to. Do prey tell.