way in and over

by introspekdt123

I read too fast..I haven’t noticed it like I have as of late and its problematic. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Can’t say that I have traveled to this place alone because clearly the INTERNET has been my incredible companion and alongside it is the overwhelming desire to be well informed..or just know about this and that.

I was never this way. I read what I read and that was it but I, like many of us, have been sucked towards the black hole of network splitting. Yup, you saw it; network splitting. It’s the place that doesn’t exist between all of ones social networking sites, blogs, books and magazines (e-readers if applicable) that we tend to visit and dabble in and then toss aside saying “I saw that” in common conversation. That place is really does exist but still very abstract because it was created to prove a point.

No points without writing. No points in reading unless its meant for enlightenment and even then how much of that can we take?

Doesn’t matter. But alas a suggestion, be present when reading, be selective when researching, be together in your works. Be you and slow down so you don’t get way in and over.