choices and decisions

by introspekdt123

last night i watched “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” for the third time. it was, in my mind, a very reflective movie and i enjoyed it as i did other times.

this morning while tuning into my morning “news feed” i noticed an article that detailed a response to Tyler Perry’s recent reply about casting Kim Kardashian. First off, let me say this-THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA FOR ME TO BLOG ABOUT BUT IT HAS MEANING SO STAY WITH ME. What I found ironic after reading the post was that I, too, for a moment wondered why Perry would cast Kim when there are millions of aspiring actresses who would have appreciated and adored the opportunity but then it hit me. Kim  probably does too.

All of this, including reading the reply that was posted by Perry, took me back to the pivotal moment in my own life and resounding of the one  of the most profound lines Katt Williams spoke of in 9 Lives. Williams stated that we should more concerned with the works of people (professionally) than we should their lifestyle and character. While one may argue that the 3 go hand in hand straight to the bank, I am merely suggesting that Mr. Perry has no allegiance to anyone but himself…making his response-ability strictly his own.

There are tons we can do as a people to enlighten others about why we should not support this or that but the reality is are we addressing our own demons? Are we supporting “others” who may be guilty of some of the same behaviors? Are we living lives that are conducive of the very finger pointers we have become?

Well…I don’t know about anyone else but on the days I would like to consort myself as perfect I tend to not be able to ignore the imperfections. I choose to live, love and let live and love however anyone sees fit. I choose to invest in reason and understanding. I choose to use the energy i have to invest instead of deplete. Whatever it is, I get to choose.