indie GOGO

by introspekdt123

Cyber Monday.

Who does that? Or should I say WHY WHY WHY? Either way, I understand that some of us are looking for deals on items that may enhance our lifestyle and not just for the holiday gift “exchange”. I say go for it but be wary that the after bite is stronger than the initial shock…

I say that for a few reasons but will share (because I love sharing) the most important. That is that I am still floating above a few clouds because I was fortunate to take part in Indie GoGo’s cyber monday promotion that offered 50% off campaigning fees. It took me all of 3 hours to compose the site as I needed and to verify I had all details in place and ready for givers to open their hearts to my cause: Literacy. Hence, the aftershock…

I realized yesterday that I had actually done more than just upload my personal plea and post it for millions of faceless philanthropist to  be encouraged by my cause but that I also had the fortitude to move forward with my initiative to change the way children AND their families esteem literacy. I thought about how I am looking to alter some of the execution  so that it leaves the impression I would like for it to and stay with the families forever, as literary works can. I thought about the impact on social and community responsibility as I presented these subjects in my books and with the tools I use for the platform. I thought about changing my book and one interactive event at a time.

Today, the shock is subsiding and the desire to do, do and do more is setting in. I am ready to tackle the website as it is one of the last components to be launched. Once done, I will be surveying a few folks in hopes that they will share with me the good, bad, the ugly and the abstract. The ones in mind are faithful followers. 🙂 Thank you Indie GoGo for having the guts to offer the use of a very valuable tool that benefits my lifestyle, and billions of others, on Cyber Monday.

Read more on my cause here

peace yall.