by introspekdt123

Some writers take words heavily..others just use them they say they see fit. Me..i’d like to think i am different. So different that i first use the context of a word before the actual word…wait-that’s how i see fit..well nevermind, on to my point.
Import is one of those words. When i break it down I see I, am, and port. I see international resorts and further economic displacement. Don’t ask me why because surely I am not the least bit patriotic and neither do I consider myself to be a political hog-war but I do consider my self fair, impartial and concerned about what is happening in this country. I see that as a great divide. Two sides of the spectrum; the haves and the have nots and what reminded me that I am right is this carton of orange juice this morning.

Look closely (if you can the picture is horrible for which I apologize) at the front of the carton. Do you notice that it states it is the ONLY brand that is not imported and a product of the USA? Of course you did…now let’s talk importance here.

A few weeks back I worked an expo for a local kids group organizer. I was the only educational toy representative and there was one book wholesaler at this event. We both had the same terrible response to our tables during the whole event but that wasn’t the kicker. Just when I was about to find myself disgusted that people would pass my table to get to the next to load up on the newest and latest young woman in a jar creme I had a woman from the aromatherapy table come to visit. She spoke about her familiarity with the company I sold for and was ready to make a purchase according to my recommendation. She halted right before going back to her table to gather her payment method and asked “Is this made in the USA?”. Imagine the stump that gathered around under me…literally. All I could do is truthfully answer her with “No ma’am, it isn’t”. Once I started to explain the company’s position for outsourcing I realized that this woman (like myself) really wasn’t concerned with why..she was the epitome of me; asking an ethical question in high hopes of the ethical actions. I couldn’t oblige her and I was saddened.






Now back to the OJ. I never thought I would see the day where food would be labeled “made in the usa” and it be more than a marketing tactic. I never thought I would have a second thought about economic displacement in every single purchase (or products I sell for that matter) I make. I just, quite frankly, never thought I would see this day.

It is what I define as a sore subject. Everyone has to eat (or in this case drink) but the way society is being carved only the elites will be able to enjoy that privilege much longer…that is unless “WE” all stock up on OJ that is made where we can enjoy it….here.

Random thoughts.