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by introspekdt123

this is what we call the Muppet Shooooooowww…

i don’t know about you guys but i had forgotten that i loved the Muppets like i do until about 2 years ago. I can remember the nights I tuned in as a kid and watched, listened and held on for the next puppetering act. After all, we were both born in the same year and I can’t help to think that we are kindred in some sort of way.

While that isn’t the sole subject of my post today, memories, i do have a tad bit of input about the Muppets movie 2011. I was a tad bit disappointed and still have yet to discover why. The movie had all of the characters in their original glory and personality. The movie had a plot (while not as strong as expected it still existed). The movie had “superstars” that gave the flick a swift kick. The movie even served as a musical but what i noticed the most of what The movie had Disney.

I won’t act like my mother and give the rest of any details that could bring you to a calculated assumption but I will say to you that when you watch it, whether it be with or without someone else, watch it thru the eyes of a child and tell me what you think!