by introspekdt123

i have GOT to stop “finding” situations and accessing them with a deeply rooted psychological connotation to help me feel better about where we are as a human race. The problem is…i can’t seem to.


last night i attended a Christmas gathering that was at a neighbor’s house. Her kids were there so I toted two of mine and they got a chance to mingle. When I look back at it the mingling really stopped there because the rest of the “party” all had something in common. They were all part of a dance company. With the exception of my neighbor’s husband, who came over regularly to make sure I wasn’t bored to death, there was no real intrigue and eventually I felt out-of-place. Why you say…well because as the women sat around talking about all of the who’s who in the company and what they disliked and won’t do again I started to remember why its been so “difficult” to find and make and sustain new friendships with most of the people in my almost 3 years of having relocated here. That difficulty is solely because I don’t aspire to talk about anyone I would much rather talk about things, places, ideas, suggestions and my absolute favorite: REVOLUTION!

When I come across someone who immediately starts their banter with any of the aforementioned, I find myself amazed and intuned to their every interpretive word! It sometimes can be the exact thing I need to catapult my next and newest “invention” into a place where its believable, doable and most of all sensible. So imagine my grief when I am forced to sit somewhere and listen to women and MEN go on and on about small-minded chatter….the word isn’t bored per se its more along the family of words like miserable, irrelevant, useless, and downright pathetic.

I know, I know..i shouldn’t take things so seriously because each is entitled to be who they are and that exactly. All I am saying is I can’t be forced into the rabbit hole if I have not a dream to share…

Stay Light Yall and whatever you do don’t be a sore thumb like me..