by introspekdt123

i love the colors black and white. i love them so much that i interchange them as often as I can with my absolute favorite of blue..but today’s post is about a different coincidence of these glorious colors and that is why and when I am forced to wear them.

i am the proud and honored mother of 3 suns. I may toot my own horn quite a bit but the reality is I really do thoroughly enjoy being a mom. Thru 3 very boisterous personalities I am reminded of my impact on this household and more importantly on the world every single day. So imagine the grevious backtone while I try to figure out how I can get my two oldest (15 and 9) to stop fighting.

though my 9 year old sun has been misdiagnosed with everything in the developmental delay department under the sun since he was 2,  I have prided myself on never having treated him different. I have even consistently illustrated to his older brother why it is imperative that he too not treat him differently or “special”. I do believe, however, that those “differences” are the culprits for the cause of the dissension between my two boys and quite frankly it’s getting harder and harder for me to bear.

I wonder, because I am an only child, if everyone who has a sibling fight like this and am reminded of another grave situation. For two years I served on the Financial Advisory Board for a renown Estate Attorney. Part of the agenda each meeting was to review file histories for clients who had recently undergone a service or consultation. I vaguely remember most of them but the one I will never forget the one that came along with the caption “The two sisters who violently fought over a .25 mug at their mothers’ estate sale in the driveway”. It rattled me to the core because I had already known we were a country built on greed and thus breeding the greedy but that fight, in my mind, HAD to have way more to it than what met me in that write-up.

Sibling rivalry is so complex to me. I have aunts and uncles who fight regularly and I can’t comprehend their positions AT ALL. Yes, it could be because I am an outsider so to speak but I am forced to believe its more-so because I sit and wish I would have had someone to share  my young adult life with and even fantasize about how much I believe I would be changed, for the better of course. I truly believe that siblings and family for that matter teach us first about who we are and how we relate to the world.

Oh well…I guess for now I will slide into the black and white (referee shirt) that leaves me blue and continue to pray that my suns see the gift in having a brother to confide in, grow with and share all of lifes rich rewards someday…and soon.