Free admission to peal????

by introspekdt123


because i love words so…i tend to break them down and build them up before i put them in a pot and allow them to assist me in driving home a point. Today’s word to help me get to where i need be is “compare”.
I got the inspiration from a fellow blogger who posted an intricate article on “being beautiful” and might I say it was beautiful indeed. It left me with the usual ponder “Why are we in such hasty competition?” and “Why do we compare ourselves to others for the sake of being not esteemed by ourselves?”. Honestly, we all know the answers to those questions. Most all of us were fine, in our own minds, until the day or plenty of days where someone anxiously wadded along and crushed our very thoughts…hence the comparison began.
For today’s post though, I want to look at the word compare.
Essentially a compound word, compare is tricky. The word itself is described to mean “analyzed, approached and then for the drum roll!!! BALANCE”. Now if we dissect the two words I see comp which means complimentary and then pare which means to peal back, scale away, etc..
Not a genius by far but I will say this…denying the original meaning of compare and adopting the new which is to freely scale away is what I believe puts us in a better position of Balance. More-so than the former way.

“Too much all the time is over the top keeping us low” ~me

Stay light yall!