your step

by introspekdt123

we all know what signage can do. it can lead you right or astray and it can project or protect you but all in all they are designed for the beholding of the reader.

i ran into a situation of the sorts today when I got a callback from a mutual friends’ friend. She was suggested to me because “we are both highly intelligent (insert back pat HERE) and passionate about alot of the same things”. Turns out he was dead on and what was formed today will prove  a new testament in having close “writer” associations all over the country.

She, the referred, could have bubbled over without my help. She was warm and receiving and started to rattle off all of the resources that have been assisting her in her “projects”. I felt right at home as I listened to the glistening enthusiasm pierce through her voice into my cerebral for a sensation I will never be able to explain. In short, we hit it off well. So well that I stammered my way into the ” i can always use more support of writers because currently no one in my immediate circle is remotely excited as I am”. While I fumbled thru those emotions, she listened patiently and said “well, girl I WILL BE YOUR CHEERLEADER!”. I was stunned. Here she is a complete stranger willing to do and listen way more attentively than my own mate (a male you should know)….not a mathematician but  that equation has got to be a simple FAIL.

I guess the thoughts that left me displaced after I hung up from her is how far do most of us go to get what we believe we need outside of the relationships we have? With all the chaos in the world, isn’t the most recent of messages “Stay and work it out!”, “Communicate” and my favorite “Men and Women are different so respect each other…”?  Still…I am buckled at the seams because of what I think is the beginning yes a wonderful and supportive relationship but at the same time I can’t help but read the sign that says “Please…watch your step”. Wouldn’t want to go too far astray now, would I?


Disclaimer: This post is SIMPLY about loving and supporting your mate, listening to them as often as possible and treating them with respect and honor because you are professing to LOVE them. All in all, we all want and deserve to be cared for and in relationships that is the binding tie. Let’s do more to keep what is meant inside so that we stop looking to step outside…for any reason.

Peace Yall