by introspekdt123

there’s a layering unfolded and wanting to meet the kindness of you

good sir and kind dr. please dress my wounds and leave your concerns ado

like your staff and your rod and your inkling and bills

like your ability and your aptitude and your flavorful nights and midday frills

use the entire formality to keep in this gash of depth

hide it so that no one of a type see dangers and evidence of a another wept

change me…good sir and kind dr. unheard; make me your case and ill attract a fame absurd

there is more trust here then a union overbridged

a kindness unfathomable but destined a midge

over and over, invoicing and again

ive acquired a new type cover up of a mess

it’s unraveled and now realized your gauze not made of mesh.

still waters.