by introspekdt123

About a month ago I was perusing the Kobo site when the quote “The Average person reads less than 100 books in their lifetime” caused me to almost swallow my tongue. I was beyond shocked and thought about my passion for literacy and the understanding of in all of its facets. It is the sole reason I developed the literacy project for children AND their families but is also a reason for me including a link to a previous post. It was dated in April and at that time I decided to begin to keep track of all of the titles my children and I have read and enjoyed. Mind one, there are tons more but this entry marks my commitment to keeping record of the favorites.

Why am I reposting? Well…besides end of year query I am also posting to remind myself, and my reading family, of our responsibility to enlighten by way of being. In the upcoming year I plan to do an even better job by noting all of the selections I enjoyed and their respective genres and reviews. Anybody willing to join in? 🙂 This one is for the kiddos…at heart that is.                                               Read and Write On yall!