show love.

by introspekdt123

One of my favorite people/authors is Sister Souljah. Her fire and brimstone persona alongside her wisdom and sensibility keeps me salivating for her latest projects.

This time, it was the sequel to “Midnight” and the title being “Midnight and the meaning of love”. My intention today is not to give away the entire book but moreso to share with you an excerpt from the very beginning of the work. It is entitled Show Love and if I may sincere and very well written. Enjoy…


Love is a powerful emotion propelled by energy, thought, and action. It can change you and anyone around you who you love. Love needs no announcement, it is visible in the eyes and body and deeds of everyone who loves. If you cannot see love through action, it is not love. It is something else…

If an elder loves you, she and he and they will prepare you to do well in life.
If an elder abuses you, confuses you, misuses you, it’s wrong and it is certainly not love.
Elders who do not love lose their authority and influence over you because they are corrupt and unable.
It is an elder’s job to share wisdom and not conceal it, destroy it, deny it, or distract you from it.
Here are my jewels to you, the young all around the world in any and every place no matter the faith or politic.
You are not too young to love.
Intelligence is the ability to solve problems.
Wisdom is experience along with intelligence.
Ignorance is not knowing better.
Evil is knowing better but doing WRONG anyways, while influencing others to do the same.
Vanity is uselessness.
A nigger is any person of any race who refuses to learn, grow and change.
Arrogance is thinking and acting like you are better than others without true or good reason.
Look toward GOD, above every elder and even your parents and all of your community. God is first, the maker of your soul in every religion and in every corner of the world. GOD is the reason for you and I to be humble and live respectfully. GOD is love.
Sister Souljah