by introspekdt123

I am somewhat remorseful but joyous in the same breaths.

I am celebrating the moments that have brought me hear…in hindsight. Splendor.

I am moving toward a measured light and synopsis that only invites a few

I am going forward and moving back confirming left and right for all my anew

I am so very happy today..though my state may exhibit something else

I am…that which I am and praise be to the Creator that I am whoever that is and no one else


Yesterday was 1.31.12, a date down for herstory as it marked the second coming. The first was 1.13.12…check the numbers. You read correctly…process of no need.

Those were the dates that my first piece of published work blessed the universe in return for its abundance. I have arrived and in my mind the timing is impeccable.

I will now and forever more a-band-on all else but what was designed as the coming again..the coming of now. PREDECESSOR channeled INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

Neatly packaged.

Share with me or leave me be. All this of a coming now in exchange for a nestled piece of free.

Peace be yours and mine. We share in gr-attitude.