Black His and Her Stories and the month for the placement…

by introspekdt123


Today marks the first day of February and while some sites have recorded this month is charmed as “Library Lovers’ Month” and even “National Bird Feeding Month” I am forced to look still at the month being reserved in the US and in Canada as “Black History Month”.

Let’s be honest, because I can’t be any other, I am black and the reality that Black History Month is “deemed” anything leaves me feeling a way..or more like away.

First a little of the past..

In 1926 Carter G. Woodson bore Negro History Week. The week was designed for a “celebration” that coincided with the birth dates of both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Eventually, the extension of information disseminated in that week was reviewed and became a month-long to do and hence the term..

Now a little (or big on) the present…

Still today, we have those who argue the validity of such a month. “Isn’t that reverse racism?” and “What if WHITE people did or had that..?” are the comments I continually see posted around and about articles that have anything to with black people being treated unfair and unjust. It is as if they immediately denounce that the effect (and affect for that matter) of slavery should not be discussed, reviewed and opposed. It is if they would want what never happened to them to disappear. The reality is just as one of my favorite musicians, Lauryn Hill stated “Nothing can be done against the truth, no matter how we remain in denial…” and what is here and appropriate must have a place.

I have no such argument. I am black and as are my children. History is celebrated everyday in this house. It is one of the components of my business, Imagiread, and bigger than that who I was destined to become. As a writer, as many of the ancestral scholars were, I feel it be necessary that I offer my exchange and opinion on the history of all people for the development of our children. I feel that is necessary to cultivate and explore differences and perspective all the time and that as a result of such the world will begin to celebrate the next generation of independent thinkers by their own accord. So when asking if “Black History Month” is relevant and necessary in 2012, I would shout in return “but of course it is”.

I celebrated the months new experiences with a viewing of the “Call for African-American Artists” exhibit sponsored in part by the Artists’ Collective and the MFAH. It was beautiful to see all of the entrants gloat about their work and it was moreso eventful to have met most of them in person. I was fortunate to meet a young 35 year old writer who is in grad school to be a librarian. Her piece rattled my essence and I thought to myself “hey she’s living my life”. It was good to reflect with her as with the other entrants and that is the other side of the truth. Everybody has a story. Black his and her stories and the month for placement is February. Whoever you are, explore something that will give you a new perspective this month…especially where it regards the rich history of Africans and their contribution. I guarantee you, without the propaganda and stereotype, you are destined to see some of your own reflection.

Peace and Light yall…all-ways.