by introspekdt123

There was an air today. It was thin and lighthearted. There were children there and they were happy and attentive. Parents clapped and commended. People were living a good life and I was able to take part. It mimicked joys I have experiences before now…the rarity of full-fledged success and even acceptance. It was unbelievable.

I am speaking of the “Reading Night” that took place at my middle sun’s school this evening. I read my newly released Children’s title to 3 bright-eyed and pajama adorned groupings of children. They all sat quietly in amazement and listened for voice inflection, tone and the mystery that bundled it all. When I say it was awesome I can chalk awesome to being an understatement….because it was much more simple than awesome.

While I had labeled myself as an author months ago, nothing could have prepared me for the confirmation that I would receive with the exchange of monies for my book but more so the looks and appeal the children had. I will forever remember this evening as it has been deeply embedded in me for LIGHTyears passed and those to come.

All praise…I am finally here!